Do you find yourself struggling to find the right water filter for your home?

People know that it's important to keep their homes safe and their families healthy by investing in high-quality water filters for drinking water, but finding the right one for you can be difficult. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming to try and research how to purchase a water filter.

Take a look at these tips to make sure you don't make any water filter shopping mistakes during your shopping trip.

1. Underestimating the Cost of a Good Water Filter

Many people think a filter will be cheap, but a good filter can cost hundreds of dollars depending on what you need. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive filters available, but the cost adds up quickly when you consider all that you need for a thorough filtration system.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to consider the cost of everything you need (including installation fees) before making a purchase. Comparing water filter prices and understanding the value of a good water filter can help you make the right choice.

2. Relying on Unqualified Parties for Advice

While friends and family members may have well-intended advice, they may not be as knowledgeable as a certified water filtration professional. To avoid this mistake, research different types of systems and find a qualified professional in your area that can provide you with reliable advice.

Research product reviews from certified retailers. Check online consumer forums to make sure you choose the water filter features that meet your needs and budget. 

3. Neglecting the Maintenance Requirements

One of the top water filter shopping mistakes, and one people often neglect, is the importance of maintenance requirements. Berkey water filter parts, like many water filters, require maintenance if they are going to effectively filter out impurities in water. The purification elements need to be replaced after six months to two years, depending on the use.

The foreign particles in the water will eventually clog up and reduce the filter capacity. Pay attention to the guidelines given by the manufacturer, and you should not encounter any problems with a clogged filter that could potentially lead to contaminated water. 

4. Skipping Important Features 

If you’re looking for a good quality water filter, make sure to check to see what features it offers and how these vary from other models. This will save you from purchasing an inadequate filter.

A great way to understand what features you need is to research reviews from previous customers. This will ensure the model you choose has the features you need for the water filtration quality you desire.

5. Misreading Labels and Certifications

It is easy to take labels and certifications at face value, but this can be a dangerous mistake. For example, a water filter might be labeled as “NSF/ANSI certified,” but this does not necessarily mean that the filter itself meets the standard.

The best way to avoid this is to do some thorough research about the product, either going to the website or visiting the company in person if possible. 

Know These Water Filter Shopping Mistakes That You Should Avoid

When shopping for water filters, be sure to research and understand the different types available and their benefits. Follow these steps and you're sure to find the perfect filter for you.

With this, you can ensure you choose the right filter while avoiding all the preventable water filter shopping mistakes!

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