All homeowners have this in common: We all experience damage to glass house windows at some point.

Most of us have experience with cracked, broken, or missing window components. While we hope to avoid it, damage to windows is inevitable. How do you know whether to replace or repair window components?

When evaluating window glass repair vs glass replacement, you should consider these factors: window component damage, window damage factors, window component material, and cost.

1. Water Is Pooling Around the Windows

If you notice pooling water forming around the edges of the windows when it rains, it means the seal has been breached. Additionally, if you feel a draft coming from the window even after it has closed, it can indicate that the seal has been breached and needs to replace.

You may also notice condensation forming on the windows. A faulty seal can cause it and you should inspect it to ensure your windows protect your home from water damage.

2. The Window Is Unresponsive to Your Attempts to Open or Close It

If the window refuses to budge after a few attempts, it could indicate a more significant underlying problem.

Other signs that you might need window glass repair include difficulty opening or closing the window. The window feels tight or stuck when trying to move it, and cracked glass or fogged-up panes due to condensation. If your window is exhibiting any of these signs, it would be best to have it inspected and repaired by a professional as soon as possible to have a complete window service.

3. Seals Around the Glass Are Cracked

If you notice an area where the seal around the glass isn't completely intact, then moisture can get in and cause the glass to deteriorate. Not only can this cause draftiness in your home, but it can also lead to expensive damage if the seal isn't replaced.

If your windows don't open and close quickly, and you suspect the seal cracks, you should call a specialist immediately. Furthermore, if the seal breaks excessively and you hear a lot of noise when the window closes, this signifies that you need window glass repair.

4. A Sign of Water or Moisture Inside Your Windows

The moisture can seep between the glass and the window's frame, creating condensation, mold, or even frost buildup. You may also notice permanent damage, such as peeling paint, rust, or chipping wood. It indicates that the windows are not sealed properly, and that window glass repair is needed.

Regular inspection and maintenance of your windows are vital to ensuring they are safe and functioning correctly. So be sure to take action if you notice any signs of water or moisture inside your windows.

Know When to Have a Window Glass Repair

Window glass repair can provide safety, insulation, and visual appeal for your home if you observe signs of damage, such as broken glass, foggy window panes, or inability to open a window. Contacting a certified window glass repair expert for evaluation and fixing is essential.

Use the above tips to figure out when you need window glass repair. If you want more information on home improvement and repairs, check out our blog!