Are you considering hiring upholstery repair services? Do you wonder why you would do such a thing?

Upholstery can add a lot to the value of a home and make a place feel even more comfortable. After all, when you have some nice furniture and areas you enjoy sitting in, you feel more inclined to spend time in your home.

Want to learn more about upholstery repair and why you might consider hiring someone for it? Then you've come to the right place. Today, we'll give you a list of the top reasons you need upholstery repair services, along with suggestions for the best provider.

1. Discoloration

Upholstery can become dull and discolored over time due to a variety of factors, including excessive sun exposure, pets, spills, and general wear and tear. Upholstery repair services can provide deep cleaning treatments, re-dying, and other solutions to help restore the fabric to its original beauty.

An experienced upholstery repair service can also offer advice on how to maintain and protect it from future discoloration. This can often be best done by applying fabric protectors, cleaning and conditioning the fabric on a regular basis, and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. 

2. Tearing Or Holes

Tearing or holes in upholstery is one of the most common. If the holes or tears are too large for an easy DIY fix, then upholstery repair professionals are the best choice for the job. They can repair the damaged area effectively and professionally, giving the piece a seamless look. Professionals have access to the right tools, materials, and experience.

They can also match the fabric exactly, making the repair nearly invisible. In addition, sometimes simple tears or holes can also be indicative of a larger problem, like a structural issue that requires a skilled eye and experience to identify. Lastly, they can also advise whether it is best to repair or replace the piece altogether.

3. Odors

Musty mildew odors occur when furniture is placed in an environment that has high humidity, while smoke odors occur due to burning cigarettes, fireworks, or smoke-producing material introduced to the atmosphere. In addition, pet odors can be quite stubborn, leaving furniture and fabrics smelling musty and stale.

In order to remove such odors, a professional cleaning service may be required. This would include hot water extraction, which results in deep cleaning of the material, as well as the application of special tools and treatments. 

4. Stain

Upholstery repair technicians are skilled professionals who specialize in cleaning and restoring fabrics back to their original state. Stains can be caused by a variety of common agents, including coffee, juice, pet urine, and ink.

Some may require a professional cleaner to be completely removed. Oftentimes, the use of over-the-counter cleaners can leave behind a discolored, oily residue, making the stain even more difficult to remove and leaving the fabric looking damaged. Upholstery repair services use special techniques to remove most types of stains, leave your furniture and clean your upholstery looking as good as new.

Find A Reliable Upholstery Repair Service

When it comes to upholstery repair, it makes sense to hire the services of professional upholstery repair technicians. They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right and can save both time and money. Call today to find a trusted upholstery repair technician and breathe new life into your furniture once again.

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